Terms and Conditions
  1. Every Tour/Excursion is confirmed with their respective confirmation #. The day before each activity like its stipulated in the confirmation email, one must call to confirm hour and place of meetings., etc.
    • They are Panoramic tours with other participants, and in English. Unless the service has been confirmed as Private. Excluding (Niagara Falls - Washington DC and or where stipulated each itinerary). They are panoramic tours of approx. 4-5 hours which includes respective information, stops so you can take pictures and or learning knowledge where to go post the tour. Unless stipulated in the program. Tours do not include: Personal expenses, drinks, foods, personal phonecalls, airplane tickets, room service, tips for transportation-tour guide-chouffers-waiters, etc.
    • All English tours have one specific point of meeting. Either NY HELMSLEY HOTEL, 42STREET BETWEEN 2 AND 3 AVENUES or MILFORD PLAZA HOTEL 8TH AVENUE BETWEEN 44 AND 45 STREET.

  2. Basic transportation are Vans with the capacity of 14-17 people. For tours outside NYC - transportation varies depending the number of participants and reservations.

  3. The sizes of the groups vary depending on the number of reservations, they are mostly related through High or Low Tourism Season.
    • Low Tourism Season - approx. January, February, March, May, October and November.
    • High Tourism Season - approx. April (Easter Week) June, July, August, September and December.
    We emphasize in programing small groups to offer a more personalized service. Generally we program vans with approx. 12-18 people per tour. The exact number for the group is only known a day or the night prior to it. In high touristic season, there is a possibility of having a bigger group then low season. In high touristic season our groups can be up to 34 people in a small mini-bus. There are people which like to go in the vans with a smaller group and there are people which like to go in a bigger group and having a better visibility with the big panoramic bus windows. We cannot guarantee either or, nor the van nor the mini-bus. What we do guarantee is the best service at the best possible price.

  4. For Reservations and other services:

    Please send and email GERARDOGIRALDOS@HOTMAIL.COM so we can program and confirm your reservations, please write the most possible information available:
    1. FULL NAME - (FIRST NAME and LAST NAME), of the person who has the hotel reservation.

    2. Number of people who will be doing the Tours or services.

    3. Dates in which you will be in NYC (In case we are booked and or climate etc we might need a second date to do the tour).

    4. Phone number that you will be having in NYC, that is in Active service, in case we need to get in contact with you. If you dont have a phone then name of the Hotel and room number.

    5. Name of the Tours and services with the date you wish to do the activity.

      NOTE: For dates keep in mind, so we can better serve you, Europe uses (Day - Month - Year) in NYC-USA we use ( Month- Day- Year ), if better please write the Month and day desired. (ex;07-12-11 can be viewed as JULY 7-2011 or DECEMBER 7-2011).

    6. VEA NY TOURS, reserves the right to reprogram the activity, of common ... with the client for reasons like: Bad weather conditions ( Snow Storms), Movie Filmings, etc.
      If the client does not show to the point meeting the day of tour and if client has not canceled with minimum 48 hours prior to each activity there is no refund and is considered as a NO SHOW.
      We are a very formal company in which we emphasize in the quality of the service with its confirmed services.
      When we do not have the minimum of participants per activities as required, we cannot confirm such. We try the best to accommodate your time and days and give you the most available days possible to best keep your schedule.

    7. In general we do not ask for a full payment, unless where required like: Niagara Falls, Broadway tickets and other events. For tours inside NYC we only ask a deposit to hold and reserve your seat for such. Usually of 25 percent of the total cost, the balance is due the day of in cash, we accept credit-debit cards with additional processing fees.

    8. In relation with services done with us and or threw us. Please keep with you always all personal bags, jackets, clothing, wallets, cameras etc. belongings with you. Our transportation (Vehicles) offer services to other participants and we are not responsible for left, lost personal belongings.

      For other activities such as Broadway musicals, restaurants, events , concerts, etc. and or different places in which we refer during our tours and services. We are not responsible for personal belongings left there as well as for each of those companies canceling or modifying their programing for their own personal reasons.

      Each person is responsible in having prior knowledge of their food allergies food-drinks-condiments etc. Please read or ask prior knowledge of each ingredients since we are not responsible for clients ..... in the matter.
      Each person is responsible for their of consumption, tips, transportation, taxes, etc. in the different places in which we might refer in our web page blog and or services spoken.

    9. Please keep in mind the hour of your AIRPORT TRANSFERS or FLIGHT HOUR. and other activities prior or after to the tour, so that we insure the same level of quality, time, etc to all of our costumers and not having to make modifications and or cutting visits and times. keep in mind that airport flights leaving from Manhattan to airports have to be aprox 4-5 hours or more prior to such. Also keep in mind that our vehicles are for tours and we do not have space for luggage ( Bags, etc. ) check with your hotel-apt to leave your bags.

    10. NIAGARA FALLS : Each client is responsible for having proper documentation and Visas required for Canada and or to come in or out of USA. Also be sure that proper documentation is accept in each place and rendered when asked by officials.

    • For this activity in particular needs to be paid in full prior to your trip to NYC, since we have to pay in advance for AIRPLANE TICKETS.
    • Keep in mind that if you make a WESTERN UNION- BANK TRANSFER etc. they might charge you processing fees which are not including in the price that is in our webpage for such tour. Client pays such fees.
    • We need a minimum of 3 dates for Niagara FALLS ( Ex. Monday 3, Wednesday 5, and Saturday 8 from Month.... ) etc.
    • There is no money back, cancellations etc. after been confirmed, since there are AIRLINE TICKETS.